Feb 09

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I’m facing the blank page that’s 2016 and wondering what will this new year bring?
Having completed my tenure as Write Canada conference Director (June 2015), I confess I’m at a bit of a loss.
I launched into a new writing project in the fall and at first it seemed to go well. Until I ran out of steam.
Sometimes life is like that.
These days I feel a bit like exhausted Elijah dozing  under the broom tree. God recognized Elijah’s need to rest and provided shade and sustenance until the weary prophet was fully recovered. He then hiked all the way to Mount Carmel where God’s spoke.
Elijah heard God’s still, small voice of guidance.
I’m not sure a trip to the mountains is in my immediate future. I do know, though, that when this season of rest has past, I will be ready for wherever God’s still small voice leads me.


Where is God leading you in 2016?

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