Apr 03

Don’t Let Satan Win

(Since this post inspired such good conversations when it first appeared on International Christian Fiction Writers, I decided to repost it here. )


Until Kindle came along, with its free or almost-free downloads, I got most of my reading material from the library. I hated it when I found an author I loved only to discover he/she had written only a couple of books. What happened? I wanted to know.

Since I began writing myself, I’ve met a surprising number of authors who appear to quit after one or two successes. (You can include me in that list.) And I still wonder, what’s happened? Why do so many of us seem to be one or two-hit wonders? Did we max-out our imagination? Or did something more sinister happen? Did something steal our passion?

Recently, a friend returned from Hillsong’s annual Colour women’s retreat and she shared with me one of the ‘messages’ she gleaned during the experience.

Don’t let Satan steal the gifts God gives.

The conference speaker, it seemed, was referring to things like joy, peace, forgiveness, grace… But I realized the same warning could apply to the passions God gives.

I have another friend who’s a gifted nurse, but work situations and complicated relationships have wearied her so that the passion she had for caring for others has been crushed almost into non-existence. Did her job do that? Yes and no. I believe the ultimate responsibility lies with Satan who has worked over-time to undermine her stand against unsafe practices in her workplace and destroy her ministry among the sick.

He has stolen God’s gift from her.

I have a passion for writing. Like many others, however, time and circumstance have dulled that passion. I wonder, what’s the point? Why keep trying? Haven’t I sacrificed enough to this failing cause?

Then I hear Hillsong’s speaker’s message: Don’t let Satan steal God’s gift.


Although this message was delivered women thousands of miles from me, I am still challenged. How shall I respond?

My passion and energy are still dull—I can’t roll back the consequences time and circumstance have had on me. But I can will to move forward. I can choose to reclaim my gift. I can risk re-opening that computer file that’s sat idle for so long. I can take the initiative and reclaim what was almost lost.

How about you? Are there precious gifts you have lost to the enemy of your soul? Will you decide today to reclaim them with me?


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  1. Delia Latham

    What a powerful, impactful article! Satan does have a sneaky way of stealing our passion, our joy, our victory…and our song. That’s what he’s taken from me — my voice, and thereby, my son. I WILL join with you in reclaiming the gift God gave me! Thank for posting this, Jayne. It pierced my heart with conviction and determination.

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