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Apr 03

Don’t Let Satan Win

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(Since this post inspired such good conversations when it first appeared on International Christian Fiction Writers, I decided to repost it here. ) Until Kindle came along, with its free or almost-free downloads, I got most of my reading material from the library. I hated it when I found an author I loved only to discover …

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Feb 09

What’s New?


      I’m facing the blank page that’s 2016 and wondering what will this new year bring? Having completed my tenure as Write Canada conference Director (June 2015), I confess I’m at a bit of a loss. I launched into a new writing project in the fall and at first it seemed to go …

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Dec 14

Self Family Letter Christmas 2015


  It seems each year gets busier than the one before. How can this be? Maybe because our family keeps expanding! Here are our highlights. March 2015, Harvey & I celebrated our 35th Anniversary a bit early. We spent an absolutely wonderful week in Barbados being wined and dined by our brothers-in-law. There aren’t enough …

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Dec 21

Christmas Letter 2012


    What a year! And where do I start the tale?   Jamie graduated from U Waterloo last Christmas and spent the next five months at home being totally delightful to have around. We offered him a full-time position as house-person but he decided he’d rather earn a paycheck so, in April, he moved …

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May 31

I Wish I Could Remember


I wish I could remember when my fingers were straight and my bones were strong when cheeky kids and disobedient dogs raced through the house when life brimmed with unfinished  laundry, cooling cookies and scanes of yarn twisted around the backs of chairs purpose filled my thoughts desperate snatches of refreshing, my nights and dreams …

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