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Jun 01

A Short Story, by Clare Revell, Kathy Rogers-Hartley, Judy Bingley, Lois Rooney-Guirin, Margaret Terry, Heather McGillivray-Seers, and Ruth Ann Bishop


I wish I could remember. One minute I was at home in my bed, and the next here, with no recollection of the trip in between. Then I noticed the broken window. The glass was all over the ground in the garden outside. And me in pink pajamas holding a metal bat. There was a …

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Mar 29

Case No. 28-9


File 9 Feet apart, hands clasped behind his back, Atten Treynor watched Monsignor Leuen shuffle the stack of documents on his desk. At a quick glance, they seemed to be lists—lists of supplies, lists of meetings, lists of tasks St. Monloan’s chief magistrate still needed to complete before day’s end. Monsignor Leuen didn’t look up. …

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Mar 21

Case no. 28-8


File 8 It seemed, with the odd moth still fluttering around St. Monloan’s, the young monks senses weren’t as exceptional as Treynor’d initially thought. “Only one bag of contaminated soil?” he asked. “I’ve been especially diligent to check everything coming in and out of my garden shed since the moth debacle.” The monk’s soil-stained hands …

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Mar 14

Case No. 28-7


File 7 Atten Treynor handed Brother Phineas the documents. “Thank you, for your help, Brother. If I have further questions I trust I can find you here until evening meal?” “Everyday,” said Phineas, though whether with enthusiasm or regret, it was impossible to tell. From the Accounts Office, Treynor made his way back to the …

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Mar 07

Case No. 28-6


File 6 Of course there was no light in the vault. Blind men didn’t need light to find their way around. Treynor did. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he was left with Phineas’ voice and his other senses to guide him. The vault was smaller than he’d expected, though the high ceilinged …

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