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Sep 17

How Far is Too Far?


  Are there limits to what you’ll read? I recently picked up a novel set in Prince Edward Island. Since my mysteries are also based in the Canadian Maritimes I was eager to read this author’s take on crime in eastern Canada. His premise, a serial killer crisscrossing this gentle, pastoral island, intrigued me.  A …

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Nov 20

The Next Big Thing

What do you think? Is this the face of Gailynn MacDonald?

It’s been a while since I’ve played tag, but here’s the game: Fiction writers sharing what they’re working on now. I’ve been tagged by Lilly Maytree at and now it’s my turn to answer these burning questions!   What is the working title of your book?  The Secret of the Hubris Heron   Where did the …

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Jul 16

What’s Wrong With Christian Mysteries

I conducted a straw poll of mystery readers. I wanted to know: Do Christian mystery readers prefer Christian mysteries or mainstream? Most readers told me they read mainstream mysteries because: Too often Christian mysteries deviate from the mystery theme to preach. Christian mysteries often lack depth in plot and character development. Christian mysteries disappoint. Often …

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Jun 28

Six Reasons Why I Write Mysteries


People often ask why I write mysteries. And when they do, I sometimes suspect what they’re really asking is, “Why don’t you write something more important?” I believe mysteries are important. And here’s why I write them.   Right always wins. No matter how bad the crime, the bad guy eventually gets caught—at least in …

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Jun 18

How to Get The Most Out of A Writers’ Conference

The conference is over. Your head is spinning with new ideas. How do you sift through the information you’ve gleaned and benefit from your conference experience? Here are six tips to help you get the most out of your writers’ conference. Sleep. Writers’ conferences are intense experiences, especially for introverts–which most writers are. So give yourself …

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