I’ve heard it said, “Being a writer is a way of life.” I’ve been guilty of saying that a few times, myself.

It’s been my way of life since the turn of the millennium, when I came out of the closet and committed to writing for real. The process has be arduous. Sometimes I thrill to the challenges, sometimes I bow beneath their weight. It’s been a roller-coaster existence but, despite the ups and downs, I will never give up—no matter how often I quit.

I’m driven by the stories God has planted in my heart. Stories filled with real characters who struggle with faith, love and mystery. Always mystery.

The mysteries in my life are less novel-worthy. I’m the twice adopted child of my earthly and heavenly fathers. I’ve lived coast to coast in Canada, from Vancouver Island to Labrador. I’ve visited various places in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cyprus, Israel, Ghana, Barbados and Netherlands. The Amsterdam airport counts, right?

I’ve been a chambermaid, telephone operator (think Lily Tomlin), registered nurse, grocery store clerk and, most recently, a conference director. I’m a pastor’s wife, mom of three adult boys, and Gramma to three delightfully energetic grandkids.

I love the mountains and the seashore, seaglass and chocolate, music and books–but faith and family will always come first.

These days I’m trying my hand at a new writing project, and hanging out with my newest Nova Scotian characters, Jessie Quinn and Cole Gillis. Their adventure is my adventure. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out—for all of us!